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Commercial Law

AQA Lawyers has a great experience in Corporate Law global advisory, counselling small and medium businesses and those big consolidated enterprises in their daily business activity. All done to improve a better performance/work rhythm of it and collaborating closely with management area and departments involved.

This area includes:

  • Memorandum of association, essay and reform of bylaws, Family Business Protocols, Increase or Reduction of Share capital, change, merger, dissolution and liquidation of a association. Constant legal advice of them.
  • Contracts of sale for bargains, supplying, hire purchase, call options, standard contracting conditions
  • Purchasing and selling of assets and corporations.
  • Leasing agreements/contracts, transfer, service and work contracts/agreements, franchise, distribution, commission or representation agreements
  • Banking Law
  • Unfair competition: Likelihood of confusion acts, deceipt, imitation, comparison, detract and use of others repute. Breach of Confidentiality and fraudulent behaviours.

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