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Fiscal and Tax Law

The firm offers to corporations and private clients legal advice in Tax Law and legal representation before Inland Revenue by attorneys and lawyers.

A)Fiscal and Tax counselling is basic for companies in order to apply properly those juridical rules and avoid taxing unnecessarily their business. Doing this we give the most suitable global tax advice for their company, with constant legal assistance before Tax Inspection office and those administrative and collecting bodies, local, autonomics and state ones and also before regional and national Economic-Administrative Tribunals, Spanish National Audience, High Court of Justice and Supreme Court.

Our areas of practice in tax advice are:

  • Global tax advice of Companies.
  • Legal assistance in specific Tax proceedings.
  • Legal assistance before tax Inspection Office and those managing and tax collecting bodies, local, regional and state ones.
  • Legal assistance before Administrative regional and Central Courts, National Audience, High Courts and Supreme Court.
  • Business Tax planning in relation to any business.
  • Tax planning for foreign investors in Spain.
  • Corporation Tax.
  • VAT.
  • Specific and local Vat.

B)Those clients who demand it can receive constant personal/private tax advice. This service would include preparing Tax declarations forms from the information given, both regular and occasional.

The firm has got authorisation and electronic signature given by National Factory of Currency and Stamps (Royal Mint) presenting telematic and coded tax declarations of all kind before Inland Revenue department. This method permits faster paperwork, less economic costs and warrants the confidentiality of the information sent.

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